Stress is about the pressures and the demands on you in the here and now. This might be affected by a one-off situation or several difficult situations that you are facing like too much work, a deadline, moving to a new house, divorce, a relationship breakdown, changing jobs or even preparing to go on holiday. Stress can affect us in several different ways, physically and emotionally.
Counselling can help, by providing a safe space for you to discuss what is stressing you, and we will work together by using different techniques and modalities to suit your needs which can help you overcome your stress.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and worried about something, that you just can’t get past?

Anxiety is an apprehension about the feelings we get, normally when we feel worried or panicked. This is known as our fight or flight response. Sometimes we don’t know the cause because everything can make us worry. There are lots of physical and emotional feeling associated with anxiety. Anxiety incorporates both the emotional and physical sensations we experience when we are worried or very nervous. Anxiety can make us imagine things are going to be much worse than they are, this in turn can prevent us from carrying out our normal everyday tasks like leaving the house.

Counselling can help you to overcome your anxiety, by giving you a safe space to talk about your anxiety. We will then work together, by using different techniques and modalities to suit your needs, which will then help you to deal with your anxieties.

If you have lost someone recently or a while ago it can be very difficult to come to terms with that loss and you may even have trouble expressing how you feel. Some people try and keep themselves busy or they work longer day’s, but this often doesn’t help in the long term.

Some people just can’t stop thinking about that person who has died, or they can’t stop crying over them. Sometimes people just feel that they can’t cope without them in their life and find it hard to cope with everyday activities.

Some people even chose not to allow themselves to think about the person who has died.

Counselling can help with bereavement; we can work together to help you to come to terms with your grief. This does not mean that you will forget about that person who has died but it will help you move forward in your life.

There are several types of abuse that can happen in our lives. Abusive Behaviour can happen at any stage in your life and this can have a significant impact on your mental health and well-being. This is not only at the time of abuse, but it can leave a long lasting affect throughout a person’s life. This can impact on different areas of your life. Counselling can help you see a way through this and escape from the cycle of powerlessness. Everybody deserves to be listened to with respect and without judgement.

We can work together using different types of therapy to help you, move forward.

Having a traumatic experience or witnessing a stressful situation can have a profound impact on our psychological and emotional well-being. There are many different causes of trauma, it is not the event itself that signals trauma but what our emotional experience is when that event takes place.

Trauma affects people in different ways and for some the symptoms can take weeks, months, or even years to resurface. Getting help as soon as you need it, will allow you to overcome any issues you may have and move on with your life

Everyone can have relationships problems in their life sometimes. Maybe you are going through a divorce, or a relationship breakdown. Maybe you’ve fallen out with a friend or you don’t get on with your family. There are many reasons, that relationships can come to an end.

Having counselling, can provide a safe space for you to talk about what you are going through without feeling judged. We will work together to help you come to terms with what you want to do and look at moving forward in your life.

(This isn’t couples counselling or Sex Therapy.)

Low self-esteem is essentially our opinion we have of ourselves.

Our opinion is based on our past experiences and beliefs we have about ourselves. These beliefs can sometimes be misplaced and can feel very difficult to change. When you have low self-esteem, you may struggle to value yourself, this can affect your life in a number of ways. You may find it hard to have a relationship. You might struggle to believe in yourself. You may find it difficult to start new things or take rational risks. Your self-care may suffer, and you prioritise other people’s feelings over your own.

Counselling can help you explore where these feeling are coming from, and help you change your thought patterns so that you can start to understand and accept how important you are.

Our sexuality and gender can form a big part of our identity and those who don’t fit into society’s ideal. Can be left feeling, rejected, different, discriminated against, bullied and believe that no one understands or cares about them. This can have a huge impact on your mental health and well-being.

Counselling can provide a safe space, where you will not be judge for who you are, and you will be shown respect at all times. It will be a place where you can discuss how you are feeling and we can work together using different strategies that can help you deal with how you are feeling, and look towards the future.

We all have times when we feel sad, but depression is different. Depression affects your daily life making it hard for you to find enjoyment in every day-to-day activity.

Some days you may even find it impossible to get out of bed. Living with depression can be incredibly difficult for you and for those around you.  It is not always understood why people suffer with depression, but sometimes times it can be apparent, and it could be that you’ve lost something or someone. Or it may stem from a disappointment or frustration you have. These are just some of the reasons people can suffer from depression, there can be many more, depending on the person.

Counselling can really help with depression, even alongside medication. There are lots of different techniques we can use to look at, whilst we work together to look at where your depression has come from, and how you can move forward with it

Couples counselling is designed for couples who are struggling. Whether that’s because of jealousy, lack of communication, an affair, mediation, lack of intimacy, an addiction, or they just don’t know why they aren’t getting on and the relationship seems to have lost its spark.

I will work with you to see how we can deal with these issues, that are presenting themselves in your relationship, and look at a way that you can move forward to a better future.